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Your immune system is located in your gut and does a remarkable job of defending you against harmful microorganisms but there are times when it needs a little boost. Our products are designed to boost your Immune System and assist you in creating a healthy gut. This is important and helpful in prevention of illness and disease as well as when you are tackling issues such as cold and flu. You will find these products to promote balance and harmony within your body. From fresh Organic Local Herbs to Grassfed Beef and Pastured Chicken Liver, we have placed great care in offering preparations that are going to help you restore your systems to wonderful working order.

Looking for a great resource on Gut Healing? Check out Dr. Josh Axe at www.draxe.com and his book Eat Dirt. Also look to alignment of your body for without proper alignment your body isn't able to properly manage itself. If you are local to Middle TN try 180 Chiropractic and Wellness and if you are not local I would suggest getting referrals from someone in your local Chapter of the Weston Price Foundation. Happy Health!

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